Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 2,561 words with X in.
There are 31 abbreviations with X in.
There are 1,404 phrases with X in.

Words with...
Top Scoring Words With X
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Xxxviii 7 31 32 19
2 Lxxxvii 7 31 33 19
3 Xxxvii 6 30 31 18
4 Lxxxiv 6 30 32 18
5 Lxxxvi 6 30 32 18
6 Xxxvi 5 29 30 17
7 Xxxiv 5 29 30 17
8 Lxxxiii 7 28 29 16
9 Xxxiii 6 27 27 15
10 Jukebox 7 27 31 27
Ox9 Ax9 Ex9 Ix9 Xi9
Xs Cx Lx Xv Xl Xx Xc
Axe10 Box12 Cox12 Dux11 Ext10 Fax13 Fix13 Fox13 Hex13 Lax10 Lux10 Mix12 Pox12 Sex10 Six10 Tax10 Vex13 Wax13 Dox11 Ixl10 Ilx10 Ixc12 Lxi10 Lox10 Max12 Nix10 Pyx15 Pix12 Pax12 Sax10 Tux10 Vox13 Xii10 Xiv13 Xvi13 Xix17 Xxi17 Xci12 Zax19
Cxv Cxl Clx Lxv Lxx Ux. Xxx Xlv Xxv Xcl Xcv
Amex13 Apex13 Axed12 Axes11 Axis11 Axle11 Axon11 Boxy16 Coax13 Crux13 Exam13 Exes11 Exit11 Expo13 Flax14 Flex14 Flux14 Foxy17 Hoax14 Ibex13 Jinx18 Lexi11 Lynx14 Marx13 Maxi13 Maxy16 Minx13 Next11 Onyx14 Oryx14 Oxen11 Sexy14 Styx14 Taxi11 Taxs11 Text11 Unix11 Waxy17 Xmas13 Xray14 Axil11 View more...
Gen X X Ray
Cxxv Cxxx Cxlv Clxv Clxx Lxxx Lxxv Xxxv